Creation & Focus

13th October 2021 0 By SoulLee Connected

How are you setting up your day, what are you getting out of bed with or noticing is slowly creeping up within you as the morning hours pass? This is speaking directly to your thoughts, your self-talk, and thus which your emotions flow from. The upper chakras are receiving higher levels of light at this time, expanding and shifting, much change occurring, and for some this may be felt physically, again do what you can to ease the flow with your tools, movement , nature, water, try not to focus on how you are feeling (as best you can) and use what you know can support you.Notice the external factors that are creeping in and that you are giving your time/focus to.

Todays message is about your own empowerment, your drive and commitment to yourself to keep being aware of how you are creating your day or allowing things outside of you to come within and effect your internal peace. Also what is subliminally creating beliefs such as fear, lack of power or choice, this can come in because of too much time spent focusing on what is unhelpful, for example what the media is constantly putting out which can actually be damaging to you, it can disrupt your balance. Mindfulness of what you are allowing.

Set intention when you wake, call in joy, love, peace and all that will allow you to move through your day in a space of empowered forward movement to be present. Create, imagine, sense, feel a bubble of this frequency surrounding you, so you sit within this in your day. You may feel to redo your bubble within the day, see everything being sucked out the top of it that doesn’t align with your highest good, with peace, with love and reseal your bubble around you again. You can use the Violet Flame to transmute this. The more that you focus on things that don’t help you the more power you give to them, the more something bothers you the more energy you are putting into it. Keep making choice that supports you and your peace.

If you are finding it hard to shut off the inner chatter keep coming back to remind your human self that your Soul is always listening to you, always supporting you, ask it to remind you of all that is good within the world, within your world, the signs and little messages are all around you, guiding you showing you that you are most definitely supported on this journey especially in those times you may be finding it hard. Keep bringing your head chatter into your heart.

Much Love xxx

Image courtesy of Unsplash free Images