Keep Choosing through the Heart

6th November 2021 0 By SoulLee Connected

The year ahead is calling, or shall we say our future selves are calling us to keep coming, keeping going, keep stepping, urging us on, and so spirit asks us how are we assisting ourselves to do this, so we step into the new 2022 within the best possible version of you? We have been lovingly guided or perhaps it feels like a not so loving push at times, depending on how long you have possibly been procrastinating or avoiding, to where the shifts, healing, releasing or physical clearing up is needed to benefit and propel us forward so we can be within a more Soul connected aware space. All is being shown to you within your experiences to guide you, open your eyes, open your heart to what you are being Soul guided to see.

They bring through the situations you find yourself in within your family, relationships, work colleagues, those you spend quite a bit of close time with, are they looking or feeling familiar? Are these repeating occurrences housed within a different disguise? Whether it be those little niggling comments, disagreements, right up to what is becoming unavoidable. You are able to make change for the better as all that comes back around offers opportunity to look deeper, to connect with Souls wisdom so you can make choice to do, see, act, react differently, from a heart open space. It may seem like reading the same old stuff but that is because we are being continually guided to clear that which doesn’t serve, all for our greater good and expansion. If you want to keep something in your life how can you make it work so it honours and serves the hearts of all involved? Perhaps compromise and agreeing that you see differently is all that is needed, compassion and greater understanding that this is okay. Perhaps you have become more aware of those within your life that are out of alignment with your core values and so you are being triggered by them, perfect, for each moment holds choice and opportunity. Perhaps it is in acknowledging the part you play, taking responsibility for the self that is needed here so you can move through and rewrite this story.

We are being shown where anything is out of alignment, out of balance and being given opportunity to make better choices, more aligned choices that serve us through the heart to rise, as well as opportunity to really see the true beneath our limiting thoughts whether around our abilities or our worth which hold us back or keep us int he same space.

You are changing from the inside out as you keep choosing to do different, to serve the self which also allows you to be of greater service to others, fill your own cup. Keep coming back to the true that you are worthy, you do matter, you hold great value and you are needed, most of all you are loved and you are lovable.

Much Love to all xxx

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