Heading into February

31st January 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

As we head into February this being the last day of January, the energies (I feel) will still be as powerful and potent as they have been over this month. Its coming through very clearly that what we focus on and give our minds to, and thus our emotions to is creating at a very fast pace. Our choice and sovereignty is being highlighted, our individual beauty and power, our light is calling us to stand stronger and more present within. We have choice to run with fear, doubt, gloom, or to as came through yesterday afternoon, keep ourselves in check, start to/continue to ramp up our personal responsibility to ourselves, how we are looking after ourselves and how we best keep ourselves in a higher vibrational space. All assists us to stay out of, or keep recognising when we are connecting to/within fear, lack, etc, connect with that higher knowing, your Soul wisdom and see through it, pull ourselves out of this space and rise above that which is very much present but which we do have choice as to how it affects us (as best we can). It is a continued process as the higher frequencies of light/love stream through to us to make choice, and its not saying with everything that many are experiencing within their lives and witnessing within the collective, is an easy process, at times it takes work, at times we may not be as quick to rise above, all is okay, it takes dedication to your practices and tools and listening to the messages of your physical body, your Soul and your knowing. We are actively as we always have, but we now hold much greater more powerful awareness to the fact, creating our reality, how we feel within it.

Much Love and as always take what feels right to you and disregard the rest.

Lee xxx

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