Mental Release

7th October 2021 0 By SoulLee Connected

The image of the brain comes in and it zooms in in particular to the mind and the power it has, if allowed, over us, to dictate to us and direct us. There is a beautiful, loving energy coming through this message today about allowing our mind space, openness, expansiveness and flexibility within our thoughts as we continue to let go of the ways in which we have tried to ‘control’ our lives. To let go that little bit more of how we feel, think, and imagine we need things to be, the outcomes and our expectations we place on ourselves, the pressure. Whether within our relationships, our friendships, our work, our future and direction, when we can let go, keep practicing letting go we create such blissful FREEDOM within. We make space, delicious space that invites in peace.

Keep being the observer of the self and when you feel disappointment, anger, any emotions that don’t feel good rise, that feel uncomfortable or confronting within any situation look to see if you are still trying to control outcomes, or if it is your expectations of yourself or another that have led to this. Hand it over to Source, hand over all the outcomes, all the ways you feel it should be, all the attachments and stories, do your best to hand them up and surrender your (human) will to that of (your) Divine will trusting that all will work out in the most highest and benevolent way for all, so be it. We can ‘expect’ and demand so much of particularly ourselves, be our harshest critics, ease up, bring in peace, restore peace.

The gift you are brought when you release your expectations is felt instantly within the body and all the systems.

Much Love xxx