Freedom & Joy

24th August 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

Your awareness has expanded so much you may now be able to see with sharper clarity the part you played in the unfolding of certain situations in your past experiences, perhaps you are now able to embrace and own the choices you made as you hold greater insight into why all unfolded from those choices and how they shaped and formed what followed. The experiences that called for you to step up and own your powerful light, the experiences that asked to go within and feel your heart speak, the experiences that allowed you, although possibly not pleasant, to uncover and embrace greater self-worth and confidence. The life learnings upon reflection may be easier to see, the bigger picture clearer as you look back upon the stepping stones to your now presence. All has been working for you to expand you, open you and bring you back to love.

The message still wanting to be present today feeds in to self-love and is around our routines and habits, the ability of the mind to rule over the heart and our best laid intentions and steer us away from giving to ourselves, of shaking things up a little from the norm. Perhaps you want to make changes, make space but the ego, the personality cannot see another way of doing things. We are being lovingly guided to make space, to embrace spontaneity and release (needing to) controlling, we hold the reins so tight sometimes and we simply don’t feel, don’t have the vision to see any way of doing things differently within our ‘to do’s’. Spirits message is that as soon as you change something, mix it up a little bit you are inviting in your new, opening the doors to that beautiful newness awaiting you. Do you have to do it a certain way because that’s how you have always done it? These little changes in your ‘routines’ are going to open doors to a new energy and bring about change for you, for the better. You will look back and see that there were other ways to go about things that put you first and still got everything done. If you are feeling resentment rise this can occur after a long time of doing the same old same old, whether within routine or relationship, anything, it starts to feel stagnant and even suffocating. If you feel stuck, resentful or irritated what changes can you start to make, or mindset perspective changes to bring in something different, to shake things up a bit, bring in some joy and spontaneity.

Those that were experiencing things within the physical body over the last few weeks’ notice if it is tension you are holding, in your jaw, your neck, your head, you back. Your body is sending you a message that it has perhaps been holding on way to long to the old, and is this old if you connect with it the old routines and habits, not allowing yourself a little fun, room to move and entertain anything new? You may just find as you become more receptive to making changes the tension starts to leave. Big learnings we are moving through all designed to get us to look at ourselves deeply and what is and isn’t allowing freedom and joy so we can be more of our true selves, allow our authentic expression to shine.

Much Love xxx

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