Connect to the Heart

7th December 2021 0 By SoulLee Connected

Keep connecting within to the heart, this connection to the heart is going to assist you within each day to come back to yourself, especially if you find you are starting to get swept up into the festive energies and feel the ‘rush’ and busyness of others, or the stress and anxiety of others, starting to impact on your own sense of inner calm. Remember Christmas time does not bring up a feeling of joy within everyone, many go without, many are without loved ones this year. So when you see another react or act in a certain way take a moment to give love, compassion, non-judgement.

It only takes a pause when you recognise the mind racing or feeling the body tense or hold itself tightly (jaw, shoulders, neck, headache other indicators) and focus on your heart space. Pause and breathe, a few deep breathes in and out through the mouth and then the nose. On the exhales intent to breathe out all the tension, see it also running through your body, through the souls of your feet and into the earth. Mother Earth will take it from you, she openly offers this to all. You can then say in your mind or out loud (to feel the energy of the words) “I AM Peace, Love and Light”. “I resonate at my own unique vibration”. Use your Violet Flame Code if you have it or contact me and I will email it to you, to clear and keep your auric field and centres free of others energies/emotions you may connect to.

This month of December is about integrating all we have learned over this 2021 year, our minds are already winding up the year and it may be reflecting back over it all. To assist all to integrate so you can step with Love into the new year listen, really listen to what you are needing, find the time to do for you. Don’t allow the thoughts if they rise over this week, around what you haven’t done, what and where you wanted to be but are not as the year winds down, lead you to feel a sense of frustration or impatience with the world or yourself. Notice if this comes up and just observe it, there is no need or purpose to sinking into it, just observe it. You have grown so much and realised so much about yourself, you are so much more aware of yourself self which in turn allows you to use your new found wisdom to look through experiences and emotions and do differently. Also and very importantly to not act or react to every little thing that rises within you, the emotions can be observed and better understood rather than triggering an instant reaction, you have and continue to learn how you tick. Or if there is a reaction within the body you can pause and witness it rather than unconsciously acting out in the old familiar ways that aren’t aligned anymore. You are more consciously in control of choices and decisions you are making for yourself and your life, your future self.

Be proud of the work you have done to get to this, walk tall, allow the heart to keep leading you through all, along with your intuition.

Much Love xxx

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