Forming Greater Head & Heart Unity

27th December 2021 0 By SoulLee Connected

There may be for some an undercurrent, a feeling of what feels like a little resentment  bubbling close to the surface, for some it may feel ready to pop and this is being shown as not feeling seen or heard, honoured or supported within your relationships with others. The holiday period does have a way of drawing this out and up to be felt as we are around those that we may not usually be. It will shine a light on all the places where we have allowed the same old ways and patters to carry on, boundaries have been crossed or allowed to be crossed, what we haven’t yet addressed may be rising up amongst the want to have a ‘festive’ experience, one of joy. Many feel at this time of year that ‘should’ be feeling one way but find themselves feeling quite the opposite, an awareness that there is still an unhappiness present.

If you find yourself feeling this way go within. Take time out to be within yourself, be present and connect with your heart. Cry if it helps to release that which has built up, let it go. Ask to be filled with love, Mother Mary and Archangel Raphael immediately step forth as those available for you to call upon. See, sense, feel, imagine Divine love flowing into your crown and expanding gently within your heart space, feel the love and kindness filling your higher heart. This time of year can bring up a lot of emotions and many a time we can wonder why we are feeling the way we are as the immediate cause is not on the surface but an old wound, a scare that is much deeper. Loss of those we love at this time of year is particularly present. Go gently.

Know it is okay however you are feeling, don’t pressure yourself to feel that you need to be, act or do anything a certain way because it is the holidays. Love yourself through the light, the shadow and all that is in-between. All is well. Help yourself to move through it by honouring all of the parts of you, every aspect, there is no wrong in how you feel, it just is. Release it by bringing in forgiveness and love to yourself or another. Be kind to you.

We are preparing to shift into 2022 so know that all that arises is perfect, love it and let it go, release, release, release, we release by not fighting it, by not resisting how we feel but allowing it all, being kind to yourself, nurturing yourself. We are coming into a greater merging of the head and the heart, the two wanting to work in greater unity instead of against each other. Many have experienced greater opening of the heart this year which has brought its own experiences and emotions.  You may feel pulled into reflection this week however focus is best served at this point by stepping back, slowing it down so each step is aligned with the heart, the intuition and the highest path forward. Keep stepping forward not going back over the old, the past is ready to be left so help this process by keeping your focus and intent forward, observing anything arising but with your head and heart united in forward motion. See your heart and mind, your head as connected and communicating, see a strong clear flow of energy between the two.

Much Love to all xxx

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