Observe before you React

5th December 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

Irritations and lack of patience within others or yourself may rise, others expressing anger, frustration as their own inner build up bubbles over may be witnessed this week. Again this is where we can come in to put into practice our peaceful flow, our remembering to come back into the heart, consciously focus on the heart in any moment and take a deep breath in and out, exhale the energy (emotion) that you feel in your body and release it, do this with a few breathes if needed. We have choice to get involved and caught up in another’s or our own emotional (energy) charge or not. Clearing your spaces, saging, salt baths, chakra clearing and balancing are worthwhile if you have been amongst the hustle and bustle of others and your own busyness. Meditation, stillness, balance calls us this month, be aware of how you are feeling in your body and don’t put yourself down the list look after yourself.

Choosing what and where we get involved with our time, energy and love this week may be front and centre. Remember you have the choice to engage, to observe, or to walk away. Keep choosing as best you can for of course we are human and we don’t get it all beautifully ‘right’ all the time, we practice as best we can. Sometimes anger arises and it needs to be expressed to release it, don’t feel ashamed or beat yourself up, you don’t need to be shaming or blaming yourself on top of it all. Allow yourself the grace to be human, acknowledge it and move on.

If others trigger you and you find yourself responding or reactionary before you even realise you have, it is an instant response, is this an old patterned way of response for you and how can you react differently? You can feel the difference in your body with your response, either restriction of expansion, notice it. Just observe, take note, it takes time to change patterned ways of being.

The call to slow it down still flows this week, do what you can to bring a little peace if you are feeling scattered amongst too many things and/or others demands of you. Boundaries again, where are you not in balance with your giving to others and caring for the self that can lead to frustration and if left too long unchanged anger builds within.

Much Love xxx

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