The Self Connection

23rd September 2021 0 By SoulLee Connected

Our relationship with ourselves comes through today, how we are supporting ourselves, or not really, loving ourselves, many may feel instantly ‘what does that feel like’, nurturing ourselves and assisting our own growth and expansion. What you do within your day tells you a lot about where you are, how are you feeling, how is your inner being and what is it reflecting to you? Do you really feel disconnected from you?

Many may have felt a presence of confusion over the last few weeks, even longer, it may have been here and there or it may have manifested as a slump that has felt uncomfortable, even slightly depressive, a sense of being stuck or uncertain which way to go or what you actually want at all. The big questions may have surfaced around your own ability to move yourself forward, your faith and trust in yourself. Don’t underestimate how much what you are taking in that is occurring in the outside world impacts you, therefore clearing yourself as a practice regularly will help you cut energetically what you hold that is not yours, that which you can attach to mentally that can play within and disrupt your heart centred flow.

Balance comes in around this, are you giving yourself what you need to thrive are you allowing time to just be, or do you find yourself rushing with a list of things to do to fill your day? Are you filling your day mindlessly or using the moments you have to yourself in ways that are to comfort yourself to mask what you have internalised, how you are really feeling? It can be painful and uncomfortable to stop and feel within but it is the key to all, to your connection with self.

Mindfulness to where and what you spend your time on and how it effects your inner world, your emotions, thoughts, does it nourish does it bring you a sense of joy or are you blindingly accepting things are just how they are? We all have out things to do, our work but it is being brought to us to look at our balance and if we feel we are merely existing, feel actually disconnected from ourselves and how can you change that, what steps can you do to create greater balance?

Come back within, spend that time in meditation, nature, doing something you love, explore what makes you feel good in your heart, bringing more of this in within your life to bring back a greater feeling connection with you and the being of love and joy that you actually are.

Keep opening your hearts to the joy that is ever present but at times feels hard to find. Go within, it is the key, sit within yourself, breathe, focus on your heart and connect to the peace that is ever present within you, that is you at your core.

Much Love xxx

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