Feel Different? All is Perfect for You

26th October 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

What will assist at this time, letting go, yes it can feel a recurring ‘theme’ but what we are working within is to let go of all of the attachments to old stories, conditioning, controlling, programming and ways of being that may have felt served us at one time in our lives but they no longer support us in a healthy way. The more we let go the more we open and make space for our true selves to shine forth. Keep releasing, being aware is the first step, it takes time to change ingrained patterns of behaviour, it takes continual awareness and choice so this is why it is important to hold a space of love for yourself and not beat yourself up, patience with your beautiful self Dear Heart. It will become. Keep letting go of your expectations and be open, get excited for the possibilities and the unknow to make its way to you, let go of expectations whether of yourself, a project, receiving, others and continue to align yourself within trust, this creates greater ease and flow within a peaceful heart. When you open and drop into trust as best you can (it’s a continual reminder for the human mind) and let go of what can be deeply seated resistance to change we welcome All, we welcome peace.

The world is changing, so much is shifting and crumbling but also being built that you cannot see just yet, the old has to crumble before the newness can rise just as the phoenix roses from the ashes of the old, it is the rebirth and thus this is the same within us individually shifting and changing, rearranging and dissolving, creating and forming constantly, continually. There may be times you feel the shifts but cant quite put your finger on it or wrap your mind around what you feel, know to translate it for your human self to understand. This is the job of the logical mind it wants to nut it all out, understand, find answers so it feels in charge and in control. You may experience times that you feel a little displaced you may not quite know who you are anymore, how you feel or where things are heading, what you once thought was your direction doesn’t feel stable or that it fits now. As the old comes away from within as you release you are creating yourself anew, you get to fill those spaces with the new that aligns with this version of you. When you are integrating this space can feel a little weird, leave you feeling a little tender, lost, discombobulated, a little like something is missing but you don’t know what and so you may find yourself looking to fill it with anything, start searching and over questioning who you are and what you are, what is your purpose. Its important to just allow this space, there is no-thing wrong as this is not a space that requires your action but rather allowance and deep patience within the process. Things will become clearer and things will feel more stable, more grounded and clear when you have worked through integrating and anchoring within what you need to. Allow with softness and self-care.

If you feel a little different you don’t have to work it all out, if you feel like you are within the same space and seeing the same spaces and routines projected in front of you but you feel a little weird within them you are adjusting to a higher vibration, things are the same, they seem the same but you are different, just allow it all to be. Nothing is wrong you have shifted. Be aware of trying to fill this space or yourself up with something to fill what feels a hole, you are feeling the space you have created and this is WONDERFUL, be mindful of filling it with the old, or resorting to the old ways of comforting, controlling it or over analysing it. All is well, all is wonderful. Drop into your heart, again bring the head into the heart (the audio is a pinned post in Featured at the top of the group now or email me for a copy)

With blessings, love, and kindness xxx

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