Sacred Practices Serve

4th October 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

Being committed to your sacred practices and all things that serve your body, mind and bring a greater sense of wellbeing are really being highlighted for us as important at this time. This is a gentle reminder for some that you made a mental commitment to yourself but you haven’t yet honoured it, you have been wavering or perhaps finding things to busy yourself with that don’t matter, don’t serve you that may be habit or patterns that are allowing you to avoid. Your scared practices, breath, meditation, nature, movement, stillness, dance, chanting, whatever it be for you that gets you out of the head and being mindless of how you truly feel and into deeper connection with the self, the Divine Self, Source, the heart. Especially so when you don’t feel motivated to, feel scattered or out of sorts for this is what sustains and nurtures you and allows you to move through these at times huge energy shifts with a greater ability to hold and maintain a peaceful state of being within. Those practices that connect you that elevate your mood and awareness.

Remember to congratulate yourself in how you are doing, where you are now, and how far you have come. You are ready to move into the next new cycle/phase of your life. Eyes and focus forward, mindfulness to your thoughts and point of focus in your day. Keep it light as much as possible, be aware of what, whom and where brings you into a denser, restricted feeling in your body, heart and  mindset. Use the Violet Flame and Cord Cutting – all found in ‘Files’ at the top of the Group page.

This month although sees us blasting through with more deep change will also see many come into greater clarity around what you have been finding hard to manage, understand, or find a little challenging to navigate. Things will seem to drop into a new space within you, bringing a sense of seeing and knowing with new eyes and thus your ability to manger and walk within and through things feel expanded, a sense of feeling more open and giving you more, room to move, a sense of greater freedom felt.  Again you may not quite know or understand exactly what feels different about yourself, it may just be a sense that something is. You may also become aware of the information coming into the subconscious and conscious mind as the inner shifts are actioning openings to your higher wisdom.

Be open to receive, keep your heart open, connect with it daily, bring in and call forth the Divine Light of the White Ray and see, sense, feel it streaming through your crown, as well as seeing it coming in from both sides (left/right) into the body filling your being completely.

“I (your name) ask that the light of the White Ray act as a buffer around me so that I am nurtured fully and completely throughout my day saturated in light and guided by the highest Divine Power. (You can also add if you like) I ask that this light be grounded into my physical body and cells.

Thankyou and so it is”.

With much love, Lee xxx

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