11:11:201 Gateway Code

11th November 2021 0 By SoulLee Connected

Blessed Ones we connect with you today, a day you recognise as the 11th day of the 11th month within the Earth year 2021.

The gateway opens inviting you to step into expanded states of consciousness. Plant the seeds of your powerful intentions that lay within your hearts.

  • Close your eyes and bring your focus of awareness to your breath, the breath that gives life to your human form, rest here a moment.
  • Bring your focus to your heart, rest here. Just be.
  • When you feel within a relaxed and ready state, we ask you to now notice the two tall pillars (the eleven) of light that are in front of you. If you do not instantly see them allow them to form, to come into form in front of you. Do you notice they form a doorway, a gateway.
  • You may perhaps notice between the pillars the light of your Soul; your Higher Self are with you. You may become aware that they speak to you telepathically, beckoning and lovingly encouraging you to step through the gateway.
  • Know that in stepping through this gateway you are invited to experience and further explore your own divinity, to recognise the Divine within you. The energy that you are, the soul fully connected to the Divine through the heart. You invite greater remembrance of your connection to the Divine and to All, as One. I AM.

Keep opening yourself so you are able to experience and embody deeper levels of love, compassion, peace, faith, divinity, oneness, gratitude, forgiveness. Keep claiming your sovereignty Dear Ones.

With Love.