Celebrate you & all you have moved through this Month

31st March 2023 0 By SoulLee Connected

As we enter the final day of March which has been a big month of illumination, completion, resolution, releasing and allowing, take a breath, make time to spend even ten minutes to be still and just allow yourself to be. Take a moment to give yourself a big hug of gratitude for yourself and all of your continued journey all you have moved through this month. It has indeed been rapid, quick paced so it may have felt pretty ‘full-on’ for many as things don’t hang around and fester within as they used to they rise quickly to be dealt with. So take a well-deserved moment out to connect with peace, with yourself, your heart. Meditate or be in stillness if possible and allow all to drift and relax.

We continue to rise and make massive shifts in our self-awareness, our understanding of self and continue to be more able, ready and willing to be compassionate and gentle with ourselves especially in those times that the shadow rises or things feel tough outside of ourselves within dealing with family, relationships, work/life balance, massive world structure change. The work that you have done and how you have handled all things with so much more heart led awareness will see openings occurring over the next few months, the result of your inner work. You will start to or become more aware of, conscious of your shifts and thus the changes occurring in your physical reality/space.

Have you noticed or started to notice how you carry yourself differently, how you feel differently within your own skin, how you project yourself differently, feel more comfortable within yourself, feel more able to be authentically you and allow, want the real you to shine through all you do and be. All a result and continued progression as you have been working within deeper layers of held fears, doubts, beliefs and judgements around what you perceive or feel others perceive or think you to be. It doesn’t have the same impact or trigger it once did as you are discovering your truth, your Light, your love, who you authentically are. And as you peel away all that hides your true self these triggers don’t have the hold they once did, what other people think of you don’t matter so much to you now. Can you feel the freedom within this for yourself? What is so important and life changing is that you aren’t as ready to beat yourself up anymore, as your heart expands you are starting to hold greater love for self, compassion and understanding. See the growth and celebrate ‘you’ dear hearts. Your courage and trust in yourself is expanding if you cant yet feel this or have awareness of this in your conscious day to day awareness is coming. See how you react differently, how you strive now to hold peace, peace over being right or needing to control, your want to be in a more natural flow in your life, Universal flow has expanded so much more than two months ago, a year ago, all shows your growth and your Souls desire for you to BE free, hold greater inner peace. Let your inner light shine dear hearts as we continue into April. You are spectacular, know this as truth.

Much Love xxx

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