Ancestors Come Forth

1st November 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

I sensed my father’s communication around me this morning, he passed 8 years ago on Melbourne Cup day (which is today in Australia) but which was 4/11 eight years ago. I feel his love as he is acknowledging all the healing and work done for myself and the lineage, and all he has as Soul learned through his last lifetime as my father (and many other ‘roles’) and the immense healing he has done in Light. His presence feels so much further away and this is what occurs as (our) time passes and he shifts, this is a good thing as it shows his expansion. Such deep gratitude and unconditional love for one of the hardest relationships but the most expanding and magical, such love.

I feel he has come through as we ALL at this time are being offered further opportunity to heal within the lineage, to let go. The ancestors are very present with all of us as a gateway has opened that invites us to go deeper, to let go, to forgive (yourself or another), to release with gratitude and love or just to hand it over, cut cords and truly surrender it so you can start to or further welcome the sweetness of peace into your being.

You may like to call forth your ancestors today and extend love, or you may choose to offer forgiveness, or allow yourself greater closure and surrender if those relationships with family have been difficult. The interactions, the relationships our Soul chooses to have within blood family can be some of the hardest and most painful to move through, from Souls perspective they are the most expansive. Acknowledge the gift within if you can, acknowledge the powerful learnings, acknowledge your courage and opportunity always present to open to greater love within yourself.

Open your heart today and feel, sit in stillness for a moment and go within, what do you hear, see, sense, feel, receive in your mind? Do the Ancestors have a message for you? You may receive just a knowing that you are loved or an image in your mind’s eye. For those that are still working through deep pain in connection with your Ancestors the Angelic Realm is close at this time, call The Angels of Healing forth and allow them to support you, ask for their help to allow you to let go and heal. You have to invite them in but of course saying only that which is of the Divine and above may be present, all else is to leave, before doing so.

With love and deep gratitude for all in this lifetime xxx

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