Maintain your Peace ~ All is Choice

30th November 2021 0 By SoulLee Connected

Creating more peace where we can within our hearts and letting go of those things that create mind chatter and frustration come through today. We can feel and witness this rise within ourselves and others especially as the festive holiday season approaches and many feel pushed and pulled in all ways. What is highlighted today is about letting go of the want to be right or feeing we have to fight for our point of view to be heard, the desire to ‘turn someone around’ to convince another/s our way of thinking or actions are the right way, or feeling you are on the receiving end of this yourself.

You don’t have to prove yourself to anyone, staying to fight a battle or have the last say wastes your precious time and energy. Sink into non judgement, pause for a moment before responding or reacting, let it go, sink into your heart space and choose to take the higher road by walking away, listening but not defending or attacking, or voice your view that all are entitled to their own opinions and you respect that so ask for the same in return. We can have conversations that are not battles, for wanting to be proven right or feeling others have to agree is wanting power over.

Stay in your lane, trust your choices are right for you, trust your intuition whether another understands it or not. Keep your peace, maintain balance by choosing what you allow yourself to engage within and thus what you choose to engage within your energy.You may feel the pull inward, to be within yourself today, a sense of reflectiveness this last day after this November months push.

If you feel drawn outside to receive the suns light codes today or feel to meditate or just sit in stillness for a few moments follow your heart with this. Allow the letting go of Novembers gateway energies. They direct me to yesterday’s message to read again also.

Much Love xxx

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