New Moon in Scorpio Monday 28th October 2019

27th October 2019 0 By SoulLee Connected

New Moons represent beginnings, renewal, rebirth. Change is coming, do you feel it? Will you flow with it knowing it is for a greater purpose, or do you resist? Choice is always yours.

Things are being shaken up, emotions can be ones of irritation, feeling chaotic in the head, frustration, feeling impulsive, you get the idea.

BUT regardless of what is playing out within and around you the trick to all of this, no matter what depths or not you experience right now, detach as much as possible, remain flexible and allowing. Let whatever is coming up for you to be, don’t rush to conclusion, don’t make rash decisions that you may later regret. JUST BE and OBSERVE.

This is going to feel really crazy for some and manageable for others. Leave the head out of it or risk being swept up in an emotional flood. No matter how this is playing with you, or not, just BE. Write stuff down if you need so you can reflect back later if that helps you to express.

Grounding, nature time, water, sunlight, self-care, nurture and look after the self, go easy on you. All so important at this time. Don’t make rushed decisions just observe, go within, listen to your intuition guiding you. Allow it to ride out before you act in any way.

Embrace all the parts of you. All, yes that includes the shadow, and just BE, breathe and ground. All is well Dear One as you flow to the next.

With Love,

Lee xxx