The Energy of Love

The Energy of Love

13th November 2018 0 By SoulLee Connected

I was inspired to put fingers to the keyboard today after pulling a daily Oracle card for my Facebook group. The card was Companions Love.

(I refer to Spirit throughout this page, but understand that for you this may be the Divine/Source/Consciousness/God, whatever it is that your heart resonates with).

When we feel we have connected through love in a relationship, whether that be a romantic one or not, we open ourselves up to so many parts of ourselves, so many lessons, so much growth.

Whether that be opening to our vulnerabilities, our issues around trust, acceptance, self-acceptance; it opens us to a wide range of emotions for us to delve into, to explore if we choose. Some of these are beautiful and feel good, and some of these can lead us to shadow aspects of ourselves, aspects that perhaps we wouldn’t have ventured into, that wouldn’t have presented themselves to us without love. These things are all exploration for us to open to true love and acceptance of ourselves. As the saying goes, we need genuinely to love ourselves before we can love another. To truly love one’s self is possibly the hardest lesson to master. Therefore love is a powerful teacher.

But love is so much more. It is a truly powerful force, powerful energy. The connection we have through our heart, through love, to enable an opening to the ever-present love of Spirit.  A Divine love so to speak. We tap into the truth, the truth that we are always loved, held and supported. We have the love of Spirit ever available to us; it is not separate to us, it is connecting in through your open heart, to be in a place of receiving, feeling, knowing that Divine connection. That ever-present love.

For it is in this divine connection that we are nurtured and supported, that we can draw strength from, draw guidance from. I can only speak for myself of course; I connect to the divine love of spirit through meditation. No matter what it is I am faced with when I sit in divine connection with the flow of love, I can come back to the truth, the truth that I am one with everything, there is no separation, we are all part of the One. It brings me back to my heart, back to a space where I can feel the energy of love flowing through and around me. And it is from this space that I feel refreshed, renewed and at true peace in my being. I connect back to the true essence of me.

Much Love
Lee xxx