Your Voice and the Throat Chakra

Your Voice and the Throat Chakra

16th November 2018 0 By SoulLee Connected

I felt compelled to type this as I have recovered from a few days with laryngitis. Thankfully it didn’t hang around long as so many people seem to have been affected with it. It has prompted me to talk about the correlation between the throat and the throat chakra health.

I believe strongly in the connection between the spiritual and emotional self and how this plays out in the physical body.

The throat chakra is our communication centre, the centre of our personal expression (as you would guess). Problems with the throat chakra are about relating to and the judgement of self. That mental chit-chat, self-criticisms, the frustration we can feel with ourselves and not being heard.

It’s at this moment compassion, understanding and love for ourselves is important. Giving ourselves permission to speak up and speak our truth, to verbalise our feelings.

When we are frustrated and feel we are not being understood, it comes back to being better able to understand and relate more to our self. When we are feeling frustrated with others the truth can be that we are frustrated with ourselves. What is being mirrored back from the other person? What do we need to look at within ourselves? When we relate to and understand our self, we are more compassionate and better able to connect with and relate to others.

When the throat chakra is unbalanced you hold back from expressing your needs/wants through fear that it may offend others. A scratchy, sore or tickle in the throat, tonsillitis is all related to the judgment of self and others. You can also find yourself being overly talkative.

When the throat chakra is balanced you communicate in a way that honours and is in harmony with your spirit. It is easier to love yourself for who you are and let go of self-judgement. You are better able to listen to others and honour their personal truths. Your emotions and voice divinely flow.

This beautiful journey of life is all about being presented with challenges, frustrations and situations where we are triggered by others (as well as the good of course) allowing us to look at, learn and resolve issues presented. These situations continue to present themselves until we get the ah-ha moment, the light bulb goes on, and we can see the truth, see the lesson and move on.

Others are our best mirrors they reflect to us what we most need to look at within ourselves. So next time you feel someone pushing your emotional buttons, this is a great time to look within… What’s this trying to tell you about yourself? What’s behind that sore scratchy throat?

Keep your voice flowing in truth.

Here’s some positive affirmations for the Throat Chakra –

  • I speak my truth
  • I love honour and express my feelings and emotions
  • I deserve to be heard
  • I communicate clearly and respectfully

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Much Love xxx