Reading for the month of December 2018

Reading for the month of December 2018

9th December 2018 0 By SoulLee Connected

Card no 1 – NATURE

When I look at this card I feel the connection of the body, the very inner workings of the body. The veins and blood vessels that run throughout, and I see this as the veins of the Earth. We are one with the Earth we live on, and we are being asked to connect back to her. To connect our body back to her through our senses. To smell the flowers, to touch a tree, to sink our feet into her soil, to soak our bodies in her oceans. To immerse ourselves in her beauty, to connect back to her. Feel yourself connect to her core. Watch, listen breathe and connect. To feel the pulse of your heart connect to the pulse of life that is Mother Earth. Through our heart we are connected to all things. It is here that you will find your truth.

Card no 2 – RENEWAL

I see the connection of our ancestors, the intertwining of the DNA and lessons that we pass on and work through with our family. The spirals represent a healing energy, calling for you to look at healing and repairing within your relationships, especially family. You are being asked to look for the good in all those who closely surround you. See the gift that you have been given in your relationships with others. To look for the divine in everyone, we are all part of the One. Send gratitude to those you are close to. When you send love to others you are indeed sending love to yourself as well. A message perfect for this time of the year. Remember we are all connected by love, through our hearts.


When I look at this card I see the millions of realities that are playing out at once, souls on their journeys, spiralling through the cosmos, the Universe, the dimensions. The spiraling healing energy that intertwines through us all from the DIvine. This healing energy is available to us at all times, it surrounds and embraces us. Reminding us that we are never truly alone on this journey. We are divinely nurtured and supported. it asks you to allow the full flow of loving energy to run within you.

So to wrap up the cards – enjoy and embrace your connection to Mother Earth, get out and enjoy the healing and connection she has to offer. 
Send love to and repair relationships as best you can. In healing others you are healing yourself. In loving others you are loving yourself.
Remember you are never alone, you are always Divinely supported and nurtured, you are an important part of the Universe. Allow that love to flow within you. Open your heart.

December blessings All xxxx

(Pictures courtesy of Path of the Soul Destiny Cards by Cheryl Lee Harnish)