Repetitive Numbers

Repetitive Numbers

15th December 2018 0 By SoulLee Connected

– Messages from the Divine Universe –  

Have you been receiving messages through repetitive numbers, or noticing an increase in their appearance lately?

For myself especially since the start of December I have noticed the numbers have been appearing with an incredible frequency. Others I have spoken to have had similar experiences this month, which has prompted me to write this blog.

It’s important  to pay extra attention to exactly what messages and guidance you are being sent from Spirit, the Angels, the Universe through these numbers.

So, what do these number messages mean?

I have listed a few that may appear to you through the clock, as this seems a common way people see their repetitive numbers. They can appear on signs, number plates, book pages, TV, anywhere anyhow.

1 – Handover any fears and doubts to Spirit, the Universe. What you are thinking you are creating. Choose to keep your thoughts positive, and on things your desire to attract and manifest.

11 – A time of rapid manifestation of your thoughts into reality. Watch your thoughts, don’t put any energy into your fears lest you manifest them.

1:01 –Let go and allow. This creates positive flow and elevates your vibration, attracting wonderful things into your life.

1:11 – Your thoughts are manifesting rapidly, keep focused on exactly what you want and desire. Offer up any fears to the Angels/Spirit to transmute to love and light.

11:11 – If you feel stuck take this as a wakeup call. This number usually appears when you are going through an awakening or spiritual birth. If you keep seeing 11:11 it signifies energy doorways have been opened. You are encouraged to create new beginnings, work on new projects, make new opportunities. Confirmation your desires are about to ‘get real’. You are Divinely supported and guided.

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­2 – Positive thoughts lead to positive flow and outcomes. Everything is fine and will continue to be so. Keep believing.

22 – A call from the Angels to keep the faith, have patience and stay optimistic. A call to take your spiritual knowledge out into the world.

2:02 – Check your faith, with faith everything and anything is possible. You reap what you sow.

2:22 – Have faith and trust everything is exactly as it should be and working out for your highest and greatest good. Keep your faith up.

22:22 – A sign the Angels are with you. If you are going through a tough time or at a turning point in your life, remain positive, nothing lasts forever, your angels are with you helping you move forward.

3 & 33 – The Ascended Masters are with you, they hear you. Talk to them as they will help you through current situations. Usually it is an Ascended Master you feel drawn to e.g. Jesus, Quan Yin, a Saint or other is around you at this time.

3:03 – The Universe, Spirit and the Ascended Masters have heard your thoughts and wishes.

3:33 – A number that resonates with body mind and spirit. The Ascended Masters are around you, call on them so they can work with you.

4 – Your Angels are with you. They send this message to let you know they have heard your thoughts and wishes and are helping you.

44 – Listen to your intuition, the angels are sending guidance, extra love and support to you now.

4:04 – A reminder all is well, everything is going exactly as it is planned. There are no coincidences in life.

4:44 – You’re on your path. The Angels are close by to assist you. You have free will so they won’t interfere unless you ask for their assistance and guidance. 444 is a clear sign from the Universe that you are exactly where you need to be in this moment in your life, you are resonating with the Universe in perfect synchronicity. You are one with the Universe, always in perfect harmony. Listen to your intuition, you’re ready to transcend personal limitations, conditioning of society, to be your true self. Follow your heart and your intuition this will lead you to your life purpose and authentic self.

5 & 55 – A significant change is occurring. You’re going through or are about to go through a positive change or shift. Allow what is not working for you to be released, healed and replaced with something better.

5:05 – In a relationship make sure you keep exercising your own personal freedom, your individuality. Keep your own sense of identity. Make an effort to be brave and courageous, make the changes to see your life expand into a new space. It represents freedom and new experiences. Make sure you have learned from your older mistakes so as not to repeat them again.

5:55 – Huge changes are moving through your life. Make sure to keep your thoughts positive.

6 – Don’t worry and obsess about materialistic things, money included. Call on your Angels for help and guidance. Find a way to have harmony and balance in your life.

6:06 – Stay in your connection with the Universe/Spirit and everything else will take care of itself.

7 – You’re on the right path, Spirit and Divine magic is supporting you and opening the doors of opportunity.

7:07 – Spirit is supporting you, guiding you on the right path. You can move forward with confidence and strength.

8 – Abundance and prosperity. The endless loop of the 8 signifies infinite flow of money, ideas, time, whatever it is you require, especially for your life purpose.

8:08 – You are being given everything you need. Abundance flows in many ways; ideas, opportunities, people, offers of help. Take note and give thanks.

9 – Stop procrastinating and start taking action. Even baby steps are useful. Get to work now!

9:09 – Take care of yourself. This signifies a change in life path and you are supported through it.

10 – Stay strong and hold positive thoughts around a situation. Everything will work out for your highest good. Your thoughts influence the outcome so call on your Angels and Spirit for strength if you need support to stay strong and upbeat.

10:10 – You are at very strong point in your spiritual growth and awakening. Heighten your connection even more with the Angelic and Divine realms. Stay focused on where you are going and where you are at. Be courageous about your choices you are lovingly supported at this time.

12 – Keep your faith and hope strong about the future. Your thoughts influence your future outcomes and are strong determining factors at this time.

12:12 – Your thoughts hold incredible power take note of what they are. Like attracts like. You are on the right track, your Angels are with you, believe in your dreams and yourself. Chase your dreams as you are a born Creator.