Full Moon in Leo, Super Moon & Blood Moon

Full Moon in Leo, Super Moon & Blood Moon

20th January 2019 0 By SoulLee Connected

Australia – Monday 21/1 (Other countries either Sunday 20/1 or Monday 21/1 – check your appropriate zone)

A Super Moon is when the moon is really close to the Earth, so it seems bigger, brighter & has more effect on our moods & energy levels. Amplifying the effect of the Blood Moon. A blood moon is when the moon appears red. This occurs during a total lunar eclipse when the Sun, Earth & Moon are in alignment with the Earth. A small amount of the Sun’s light is projected as a reddish shadow on the moons face.

Some of you that are more susceptible to the moon’s energy may have found already that shadow stuff is surfacing, coming up to be looked at and worked through, along with old limiting self-beliefs and fears.

The time of the full moon may have us needing to acknowledge what our heart wants, what resonates deeply within our hearts, and not with what the head wants. Stay centred in the heart, to act and speak from the heart. To remain honest with ourselves and what it is we truly desire.

This full moon may have self-doubt coming up for some, rising to the surface when we thought we had cleared things, it creeps in.

Centre in the heart and connect to your inner light, see the Divine in all around you and within you. Reconnect with your eternal light, your Divine spark. Connecting with your truth will ease that nagging self-doubt.

Sit in gratitude for what you do have, rather than what you perceive you lack.

A good way to help release limiting beliefs and fears is to write them down.

Then write down a positive mindset, affirmation around this fear or belief.

So, for example if one fear is “I am fearful of failure” you may write down ‘’I welcome success and abundance in all areas of my life’’.

Recite out loud all your positive affirmations and then burn the limiting ones. Watch them turn to ash.

Much Love to you all

Lee xxx