Forecast April 2019 – Oracle Card Reading

Forecast April 2019 – Oracle Card Reading

29th March 2019 0 By SoulLee Connected

The first card for the month of April 2019 is asking us to be very aware of the signs and synchronicities around us. To keep our eyes open and be aware of the messages from Spirit, the Universe (whoever resonates in your heart).

I see the beautiful energies of the heart flowing and intertwining with Divine light, the heart being our connection to All. There is a real sense of Angelic loving guidance around us at this time. Remember you are a Divine being and are part of All There Is, there is no separation, only in your human mind, so connect back in to your intuition, trust in what you are receiving this month of April (and always). Trust your hunches and sudden ideas, even the seemingly crazy notions that may pop into your head. Listen to your body, the signs it sends you, everything from goosebumps to stomach rumblings, connect to what is happening around you and how your body is reacting. It gives you clues all the time.

The second card for the month is a beautiful card that shows things are starting to brighten. This card brings with it happiness and joy. April will be a happier time for many, a lighter month than March, which saw many dealing with unresolved emotions and patterns rearing up to be worked through, cleared and released. There was a lot of shadow work to go through to clear our energy and release limiting belief systems. If we have been doing the work to raise our vibration and shift, April flows with a lighter feel allowing us to connect to our own inner beauty, to reconnect back to ourselves. To reconnect with our wants, desires and to the joy that resides within us. To connect back to our creativity.

The power animal for the month of April is the Opossum. Although the month of April sees a lighter brighter and freer energy the Opossum calls for us to have a strategy going forward. Don’t be disheartened if things don’t go according to your expectations. Its ok to have to tweak any great plans you have made, any ideas that you’ve formulated about what you think you do or don’t want. It calls us back to the first card and listening closely to our inner guidance and signs. If you expect things to go a certain way then you only open yourself up to the possibility of disappointment if it doesn’t align with your expectation. Limit the expectation, be open and prepared to make adjustments if needed, knowing that this is ok and in no way a failure or set back, all is as it should be. Trust the process.

So in summing up, April 2019 is should be a lighter month than March. Connect in to the beauty of your intuition and guidance from Spirit, the Universe. You are being guided and in a space of feeling more uplifted, lighter, and ready to move forward with whatever plans you have in place. Remembering that if those plans don’t go quite to plan its ok to adjust, redo, recreate. You are a master creator. Be awake and open to the possibilities that present themselves this month.

Much Love

Lee xxx

(Pics of Oracle Cards 1 & 12 courtesy of Divine Guidance Oracle Cards by Cheryl Lee Harnish. OPossum pic courtesy of Power Animal Oracle Cards by Steven D. Farmer, Ph.D.)