Full Moon in Libra 19/4/19

Full Moon in Libra 19/4/19

19th April 2019 Off By SoulLee Connected

It is a Full Moon tonight pop out those crystals to get a nice moonlight energy bath.

When I feel into this Full Moon, I feel it is the dance of balancing the masculine and feminine energies within us. To balance the impulses and urges of creativity and thought that come through, with the softness of not rushing into things blindly, allowing the flow of creation to form in its own time.

 To try (as best you can) to not control outcomes (this message was through the cards also this week). To drop the need to have all the answers, we aren’t supposed to. To have faith and trust in the greater scheme of things, to have faith and trust in ourselves. To move forward with an open heart, to surrender to the divine nature and timing of things.

To move forward with the knowing that all is as it should be, no matter what that means for you at this moment. Be open and aware of the possibilities that are making themselves know to you in the form of thoughts of inspiration, nudges and dreams.  As well as the presence of old patterns and emotions from the past resurfacing again for clearing and releasing.

Allow whatever is coming up emotionally for you to be, allow it to appear to you, try not to suppress it, it has a message for you that needs reflecting on, if not it will become shadow and will appear again. It always comes back around. If you are not ready that’s OK, all in its right time for what is right for you. All appearing so we can further move toward greater expansion and growth.

What you thought you knew as truth may be tested, your sense of worth may be tested, but you are strong, stand firm in your being, your beliefs, all is well. Know that we all feel vulnerable and exposed at times and this is OK. Bring yourself back to BE in the present moment so you can be awake to and embody all the infinite possibilities that are open to you. To awaken to the freedom that no matter how you are feeling it is OK, it IS ok.

Nothing changes the fact that you ARE an amazing being on an amazing journey of discovery, an awakening to remembering YOU.

Much Love

Lee xxx