Honour your process, it’s okay not to be okay

26th June 2021 0 By SoulLee Connected

ARTICLE Published in TheSacredSpace Warrior.com May 2021

– Author Lee Didco Owner SoulLee Connected

We can all relate at one time or another in our lives to feeling really in the thick of it, where everything feels really intense. Last year has certainly presented us with its fair share of ‘experiences’ and perhaps for some of you these experiences have continued into this year which may have left you feeling rather raw, emotional, unbalanced, a bit or a lot lost in your direction or just feeling overall unhappy.  Have you had a friend, family member, someone reach out and tell you ‘’it will be ok, it will pass?” Do you actually believe this is the case though, do you really trust this, does it sit as a truth deep within your being?

When we are in the thick of things it’s probably the hardness time to see the light at the end of the tunnel, we are too involved in our own experience, too involved and enveloped by our emotions, the racing of the mental mind, to be able to come back to deep trust, faith, to believe it’s just a passing experience, that it will change and shift. Change however is our one constant in this human experience, the one thing that we can count on, nothing is permanent, not any situation or way of being, ever.

What does matter greatly is how you treat yourself in these times. What are you choosing? Are you supporting yourself, holding yourself in compassion and kindness or further immersing yourself in the perceived problem. Are you freely allowing the mind to run off which then activates the emotional responses further which can leave you feeling suffocated by it all. Do you allow yourself space, removing yourself from the people, places or situations that are bothering you, as best you can. The greatest way we can help ourselves is through the gift of compassion, surrender and finding a way to feel greater peace. Quietening the mind, sitting in stillness, meditation even for five minutes so you can come back to centre, to reset, connect through your heart to the love that is always present, your light which is always connected to Source (God, the Divine, the Universe). It can be easy to forget and push the rituals and practices that help us aside when we aren’t feeling in a good place but these are the very tools that will help you reconnect to that greater faith. The power of nature’s gifts, the Earth Mother and all she has to offer us, all her beauty is there for us to use. Cleansing in water and envisaging all the stress, the worries draining off your body, being washed away. The power of sunlight to recharge your light body. The earth, the ground to anchor our root into her core to recentre and rebalance. The simple but incredibly powerful use of breath work to literally reset your energy and quieten the mind. Simply following the breathe, or other breathwork techniques (google has many) can be used to help release stuck or stored emotions in the nervous system or body.

Being human, being in the physical body is a super power, being here at this time in the human evolution is not easy, its not easy at all. But we chose it, yes we chose it, we chose to come here to be here at this time. To not only raise our light, our vibration but that of the planet.  I didn’t sign up for this you may well say, you the human didn’t the personality the ego didn’t no, but you the Soul that is you, the light that you are did for the experiences needed for its evolution. Some we experience individually, some together, some as a whole – the Collective.

Know in each moment you have choice, choice to continue to choose to align with love and light, to trust. Remember it is okay, it really is. Yes it can be a wobbly space to feel into to not know all the answers, but we aren’t supposed to. Our power however lies in shifting our perspective from feeling powerless if we are uncertain, unsure, to knowing that in this space we can be truly receptive, in a space of receptivity is where we learn, grow and evolve.

Being okay with not knowing brings our power back to the self, opens you to a deeper wisdom and strength. Being okay with not knowing, letting go of your attachments to outcomes and expectations frees you to the natural flow of life and opens you to the unlimited possibilities of wonder that DO exist. It is quite a masterful nuance to be able to witness and sit within our discomfort without trying to escape it, and then using the information it presents to be able to choose to respond differently.

It is absolutely okay to fear, to be fearful in the space of uncertainty but keep that wonder, keep that magic flowing, listen to your inner guidance and trust. What is the experience you are having trying to teach you, trying to show you? Can you look at things through a different, slightly detached lens, to gain a higher perspective of what is really going on for you. The greater you sink into trust no matter how uncomfortable it may be, flow with all that presents without getting lost in it you will be surprised how your world opens up and the directions you are led in. Can you see how your mind may have created something much bigger emotionally for you than it perhaps need be. How has overthinking things created a space of doubt, mistrust in yourself or your ability. It’s all okay, you are being made aware through your experiences, thoughts and emotions the places where you still hang on to stories, patterns, and mistruths about yourself that keep you from experiencing the true power of love, of creation that you are. Coming back to the truth and remember how courageous, strong, powerful and magical you are, that is absolute truth, one that we need to not allow our even darkest of experiences to cloud.

When was the last time you connected to your heart and asked if it had a message for you. As your feet touch the ground getting out of bed each morning ask, “What does my heart need today?”. Likewise when was the last time you asked your inner child what she/he needs? Don’t overthink it just allow what presents first to guide you no matter how strange the answer you receive.  

You can do this as a practice whenever you feel drawn. Sitting or lying somewhere you will not be disturbed. Say out loud three times.

“I let all go, I now hand over all the stories, behaviours, people, places, circumstances and situations, including the root cause that I have still attached to me that no longer serve my highest and greatest good. I no longer wish to carry this and I hand this over now, I release all to Source (God, the Universe, whoever resides in your heart) to take from me now. And so it is”.

Fill yourself up with pink and white light and expand it out to cover your entire auric field. Connect to the heart and just breath in the peace and stillness of this space for a while. LET IT GO…with every breath feel all leaving you.

Everything comes back to trust and faith, trust in yourself, trusting that what you experience IS for absolute reason, a plan much greater than we as humans are able of seeing or understanding. Trust your path, trust your ability to move and shift through anything that you are presented with. You don’t have to stay here, but know where you are is also okay, until it is not for you then you will shift, then you make choice.

Avoiding what makes us feel uncomfortable, what doesn’t bring us joy or that makes us feel light is not how we are designed to experience this earth evolution. We have to be willing to learn to hold both the comfortable and uncomfortable within us as this is how we shift through things, we feel. We have to be willing to hold and honour all aspects and parts of ourselves to be able to master them. This is how we find balance being able to master our extremes and polarities so we can experience greater levels of peace and bliss.

Where are you still catering to others, or where are you swallowing your truth, where are you letting good enough be good enough. Some days just being in the human body is achievement enough. There are massive opportunities available to you at this time, opportunities to work through what you haven’t before so you can shift into a higher vibration of love. And if at this time resting and just being with yourself is all you can manage then know this is perfectly okay, all in your own time. Its not a race, a competition, you are  not going to miss the boat, this is your precious process, honour it.

If things are really hard for you it’s not because you are broken, at fault or doing something wrong, remember you are ALWAYS exactly where you are meant to be. We don’t do the inner work to ‘’fix’’ ourselves we do it to have a deeper richer experience. So don’t be too hard on yourself, give yourself permission to be however you are, just as you are. For that is perfect, that is enough. “I am whole, I am complete, I am sovereign”. 

With love, blessings and kindness, Lee xx