Sunday, 8th August 2021

8th August 2021 0 By SoulLee Connected


Happy Birthday to my Mum!

The Lions Gate portal opens every year between 28th July and 12th August but today the 8th of August is the activation day. Very high frequency energy activates the lions gate portal today as the sun and Sirius move closest to the earth, aligning with Orion’s belt. It’s a time of new beginnings as individuals and collectively, as new levels of consciousness are infused upon the earth and within us. These Lions gate energies align with heart space (centre) and being an 8 multiplied anything you focus on will feel amplified. It offers us assistance to rapidly manifest as it propels each of us and as a collective towards greater unconditional love. This energy may effect the heart if you have relationship things playing out still, you may feel irritation or other triggers however Leo also comes with courage, strength, and the roar the power of our unique expression amplified to help us step forward. As has come through the cards over the last week anywhere you still hold yourself small, hold yourself back from your purpose (it doesn’t have to be spiritual), or distract or avoid stepping more into your power, may trigger within the heart at this time. It may be uncomfortable as you feel the energies present but are still within the old patterns of and not allowing yourself to expand and stretch further into your power.It’s like being stood at the edge, do we take the leap or step back? Stepping back feels safe but very uncomfortable as its back into the old, stepping off is uncertain and requires trust, as it is the unknown and the new. So what do you choose? The lions gate energies offer you the push to take the step. You may feel different but not sure how, you may feel the light rising within you, feel more in your power, knowledge as if you have just embodied so much within you, you feel it but are not quite sure how to explain it. Or you may be feeling the triggers of the heart and what is still to be stepped through. It may feel different to each of you, some transformative and powerful, some rocky, shaky and uncertain. As you sit within this transformational energy be kind to yourself, know no matter how you feel it is okay. Allow your body what it needs if it feels shaky. “I flow within and step up into the powerful Lions Gate energies with ease and grace”.Set your intentions to release from your heart what you are ready to finally let go of, bring in forgiveness around anything you still hold. So you are better able to enter peaceful flow.

Much Love xxx

*added after note – What I wanted to add here is to not get caught up in it being a big day or that you should be or do this that or the other. You don’t have to feel different, do different, you don’t have to do anything. So please if you don’t feel all high vibe its perfectly okay, don’t compare or beat yourself up. You are where you are supposed to be, always. These energies bring opportunity and powerful openings and will play within each of your realities as they do. All is perfect. Always be guided by the Divinity within you.

(Image courtesy of my home, placed in honour of my Dad who was the King Lion of the house when he walked the physical plane and named me Leonie which means Lioness)