The Inner Child

3rd September 2021 0 By SoulLee Connected

The inner child comes in loud and strong today and she asks us to look within and feel into the heart, for many the heart is holding from childhood that hasn’t been expressed or released. Are there unresolved, unspoken, unvoiced emotions that may have been surfacing within other experiences lately? Our wounding’s from childhood can impact our adult lives greatly and play out within our relationships including that with the self.

So many of us as we grow up forget to have fun, forget to laugh and be silly, to be creative and play as the responsibilities and weight of the world and our worlds can feel heavy at times. We no longer stop to smell the roses of do for the self, its go, go, go, with no conscious awareness. And yes this can be coping mechanism so there is no time to feel what is going on within.

If you have been feeling the stirring of emotions, the flow wanting release over this week see if what is actually happening within your experiences now, what is playing out for you, may actually be a wounding that is still held from childhood.

We are being asked to stand in our power in each moment, keep connecting to the light within, to keep making choices that step us forward in a positive way, aligned with what we are wanting to create, what we are wanting to be, with what we dream. We are creating and choosing in every moment, be conscious of what you are choosing. You may feel the uprising of energy today in between the knocking of the inner child (if this is relevant to you). Keep up your connection with Spirit as this is a powerful time to co-create, keep projecting what you want to see, feel and live within in your reality, feel it rise within you. You may be feeling the dreams and choices you have made and envisaged or acted on already begin to become more real, more powerfully formed, all from your inner work and commitment to the self, your growth and expansion.

Much Love xx

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