Honouring the Self – New Moon

6th September 2021 0 By SoulLee Connected

Mindfulness of the ‘themes’ that are playing out within those you connect with today and through this week. For this is what is really popping its head up for you to look at, to either practice standing in your power (in love) and new way of being, taking all you have learned and integrated and stepping forward with strength, allowing you to be present within all situations in a new way. This is the time to put to practice all you have learned or you are being shown where there is still work to be done, boundaries to bet set or tweaked so that all your relationships are honouring the self and the other person also. Ask to be shown so the most benevolent outcome for all is brough forth. What needs to still worked on within this relationship, what is coming up, whether business, acquaintance, romantic or other. Being aware of what is mentally recycling within your mind as you are being shown and guided by what is occupying your mental space.

It is a time to really pay attention to what your inner guidance is telling you, there is opportunity to move through, bring about greater resolution within our relationships. Watch for what is repeating. This time may find you feeling a bit emotionally sensitive especially as the New Moon energies are present.  This may play out through the next few days.

Frustration may surface with some around what you want to have achieved and where you are actually at, what is asked here is to come back within, take a deep breath and look at where you spend your time and on what. What isn’t in alignment or productive to what you want to achieve and what is. Time to tidy up and assess where you spend your time and is it helping or hindering your cause, whatever that may be. At the same time it is about making sure we are allowing time to care for the self and support the body physically as well as the practices that we know help us, so we are building on this inner of strength which will help us to be and support us within our new ways of living.

If you have a lot in your head try and allow it a bit of space by releasing it to a person you trust or writing it down and allowing it all to flow out.

Much Love xxx

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