Todays Energies & ‘The Beggar’

9th September 2021 0 By SoulLee Connected

What comes through today is a huge energy of letting go, allowing release of all that has been. It feels a time that many are entering the completion, the tying up of things that you have been working on releasing, for which some have come full circle. Whatever has finished, ended, been let go of whether it has been your conscious choice to do so or it has just occurred, it is a time to really honour the process that has occurred and know that all is as it should be. Allow it all to integrate as you allow yourself compassion and love.

Keep those boundaries up today, be aware of the emotions rising as you may find the mind is cast back into the past, it may revisit the people and situations it has let go of or is in the final processes of. Allow it all to go and see it for what it is, celebrate you and all you have come through, shifted, let go of. Celebrate all of you, the times you have stood in your power, the times you have gotten back up again, dusted yourself off and stepped forward. Celebrate you for the trust and faith you have not only show in the Divine but in yourself.If there are things left unresolved you may find yourself niggled by them, mentally full and feel an urge to in some way bring resolution. If this is the case check in with your heart, speak from your heart, hold compassion for all and ask for the highest most benevolent outcome for all involved. There are karmic ties being completed, big shifts here.This is a day that you are able to really release a lot from within the body so as always hold compassion, love and gentle space for yourself. If you are able to sit today and meditate or be in a space that allows the mind to drift and dream this will serve you well.

The Beggar comes forth today as there are so many that are working on their self-esteem, self-worth, self-LOVE, that have had past experiences that have crushed this and so lack a belief in their own abilities, their own power, their worthiness, their ability to give and receive love, to be open to love. This can bring about a need for attention, for love, for all sorts of things to fill the whole felt inside. All those relationships where you have looked to another to fill the gap within. Know this is very much what has been front and centre to work on and is what is at the core of what many have been releasing and clearing, chipping away at so you can come back to know, feel and embody the truth, which is you are an incredible, worthy, lovable being. Everything is already within you this is the truth we are coming back to.

Hand over your heart “I am worthy, I am complete. I am open to give and receive love. I love you”.

Much Love xx

(Pic courtesy of Archetype Cards by Caroline Myss)

May be an image of text that says "BEGGAR LIGHT ATTRIBUTES Confronts empowerment at the level of physical survival. Awakens the spiritu authority of humility. compassion and self esteem. SHADOWATTRIBUTE DOW ATTRIBUTE pendence on others to the exclusion of effort."