Focus, Rise & Throat Chakra

14th September 2021 0 By SoulLee Connected

Be open to receive today, there is an influx of light that has come to support all, you may feel an heightening, an expansion today of your senses. The messages, your intuition may be clearer as you receive this light blast of love. Connect to your spiritual self, your inner light and you may feel and really connect to with greater depth how we are all connected, we are all one, feel you expansiveness and your expansiveness within the universe.

What you thought possible may just be manifesting, be really, really, mindful on what and where you allow your focus to be as you are creating at light speed, the connections forming rapidly. Be open to what you are being shown at this time, all that you are receiving as you are really plugged. The clearing and greater clarity will assist those that have felt held back, or if not in an action sense to really start to connect to, ‘feel’ the strength and power of possibilities rise within you, you can actually start to make physical connection to that which has been sitting just outside of your auric field awaiting conscious connection.Be aware of any surfacing emotions that may come up around achievement, your worthiness.

As always, acknowledge them, feel them but keep coming back to the truth that you are not these emotions, they rise as the old stories are releasing around your self-worth, your ability to achieve and this may be more prominent for those that had difficult or absent relationships with their father figures. The more you can allow and let them go, don’t hold them in but allow them to flow, the quicker you release. You are starting to master your ability to recognise them for what they are and make choice to be within but not become the old stories, you can connect back to that higher space within the heart and shift them through with greater ease.

The Throat Chakra card today ties in with the message of focus, be aware where your powerful words come from, the heart or the head, from love or fear. Mindfulness to what you are projecting out and thus attracting. Does it align in love, does it serve the higher path or does it speak from an old, outdated story?

Keep rising beautifuls xxx

May be an image of flower and text that says "Throat chakra"
(Pic courtesy of The Little Sage by Helen Jacobs)