Trust & Surrender to the Higher Plan

16th September 2021 0 By SoulLee Connected

Keep your focus firmly on the new stories you are creating, the new seeds you have planted make sure you are watering them, nurturing them with love. Nurturing you and being mindful, yes this has been coming in persistently at this time, of where you allow the old stories to come back into your thoughts, or the negative to creep into the mind. Its perfectly okay to have all thoughts, the good the bad and the ugly, but it is when we allow the unhelpful, negative, unserving thoughts that are attached and rooted in our old stories and past experiences, that we can then slide down a slippery  slope. We can sink into those moments that bring up the mistruths that things aren’t really changing, that things are moving forward, feeling a sense of hopelessness, sadness, as the thoughts bring back the emotions attached and can lead you to feel you can’t change things, that you are stuck or that you aren’t worthy of things changing for the better.

Again the more you trust, trust not only in the Divine, but in your own abilities, your own power to create within your life the more you connect to your light and see and feel that beauty emerge from within. Feel the strength you hold. Keep rising above the old stories and patterns that don’t serve you in a  positive way. Sit each day and hand/s over your heart remind yourself, tell say –  “I AM Peace, I AM Light, I AM Love, I AM worthy. I AM and open to receive for my highest and greater good and I welcome in abundance in all areas of my life”.

Again the heart calls us to keep focusing in on the love present and the love that is ever present around us, the invisible love of the higher realms of Source and all the beings of light that walk with you. You are not just what you feel and see neither is the world you live in, you can choose to walk in a higher space by making the choices that better you and focusing on what you love, what you know keeps you in a higher vibrational space. You have the power as the magical, divine being you are, keep creating and walking in Light, in Love, within your heart.

You are not stuck it is your belief you are that holds you, things are shifting and moving aligning for the betterment of all, keep sinking into faith, sinking into trust. With trust everything is possible and everything opens to you. Be flexible and surrender any outcomes or expectations you may have about how things will look, feel, form, don’t be discouraged if a direction doesn’t play out as you thought, be willing to shift and flow, flow from your heart within all and see how things shift for the better and work out in ways you didn’t see, but Spirit did.

Much Love xxx

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