The Body Speaks

7th February 2023 0 By SoulLee Connected

With these big energies hitting the Earth at this time and thus moving through us, our bodies, the body is coming in to ask for extra support, to be paid attention to. Please listen to what it needs, ask it “What do I need to feed you, what do I need to do today that will support and sustain you?” It may be extra water, better vitamin intake through your foods or gentle movement, salt water. If your body is feeling sluggish, your mind running or emotions a little everywhere, feed your whole being, body mind and spirit with what it needs, meditate, nature time, sunlight, the ocean, salt bath, fruit and vegetable or maybe its needing iron, magnesium. Taking a moment or five to close your eyes and just take a few deep breathes to reset and centre yourself, to get out of the head and focus on the heart in your day. Its all too easy to forget and ignore the physical when we are caught up in the head and within busyness, don’t allow yourself to get too depleted.

When we feed our bodies what they need, and this is not meant in an extreme way, it is listening, moderation, LOVE for ourselves enough to nurture the physical vessel that allows us to be the light we are and have a human experience, we are better able to move through things, we feel more in control, more balanced. This is particularly important as we have been moving through some big experiences/learnings that have asked us to step up and express, to speak out truth with others, to allow ourselves the space to be heard. Many finding the courage to do this has been life changing and has taken deep trust and patience.

Insights and connections are being made, many are having greater clarity come in around their life path/direction/next steps. Allow it all to drop in over time don’t be in a rush, sink back into trust. Your awareness of all, your connection continues to expand and your connection to hearing the needs of the physical body are becoming louder as it seeks to be balanced with the other bodies. The outer supports the inner.

If your energy levels this week feel a little flat remember that it can just be the body’s want to slow down this is your opportunity coming up to choose what serves. This is a part of making different life choices. Many have been within patterns, long held patterns of busyness and running from one thing to the next, being unconscious within the day, this is opportunity for you to do different, to be present and listen to what really serves you as a whole better. This is a part of BEing in a new way that we have been guided to. Boundaries and handing back to others what is not your responsibility comes in here also, what is taking your time that is not yours.

Much Love xxx

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